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Georgioupolis is a seaside resort located 38km east of Chania and 21km west of Rethymnon. It is a small coastal town, situated in a lush valley filled with rivers and springs. The town lies on the western edge of a vast long beach with 10km length. Georgioupolis beach stretches 2km to the east, starting from the river Almiros and ending in Kavros beach, which is a natural extension of the first beach. Like all coastal front of the area, Georgioupolis beach is sandy with large dunes and shallow waters. It is very well organized with lifeguards and is ideal for children. However, if it is windy, high attention is required because of the sea currents. umbrellas, showers, food and drinks are available on the beach. You can also enjoy water sports and horse riding. 700m east of the port, the beach "breaks" into two parts, because of the river Perastikos. From there, the beach continues to the east with greater width of the beach. The area next to the river has lush vegetation and the sea is very cold.

Kalivaki beach

West of the port of Georgioupolis, near the exit of Almyros river which has water all year round lies the nice beach of Kalivaki.  It is a beautiful sandy beach and water, due to the rivers is very cold. Kalivaki is well organized, with umbrellas, water sports and restaurants nearby. It is a good choice for children, especially when it is windy because this beach has better protection from its neighboring ones.


On the point where the prefecture of Rethymno meets Chania, we find the beach of Kavros. Kavros at its the greatest part is 'developed' touristically and only a very small part of it has been left untouched. Between this remaining virgin parts of the beach there is an extensive and very important ecosystem of dunes. The dunes of Kavros, like all dunes, host a significant and very fragile ecosystem that is home to its own plants. The most important role of the dunes Crete is that they protect the inner lands from erosion. In the area, in winter we meet small ponds and the landscape is quite different from the summer.

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Additional Info

  • Prefecture: Chania
  • Sea water color: Blue
  • Sand type: Sand
  • Depth: Shallow
  • Sea surface: Usually wavy
  • Crowds: Normal
  • Facilities: Accommodation options nearby, Food / water nearby, Umbrellas / beds, Sports, Lifeguard, Showers, Blue Flag
  • Other Information: Seaturtle nesting point
  • Accessibility: Bus services, Paved road, Handicap friendly
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