The Cretan vineyard


Domaine Zacharioudakis
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Plouti, Messara, Heraklion

A tribute to the vine and wine

“Since grapevines are now cultivated all over the world in many cases wine has been turned into an industrialized product. So, the question is: what does a winemaker want to offer in a glass of wine? And what does the one tasting it expect and desire? What we, the Zacharioudakis family want is that in every glass of our wine you can see our passion and zeal you can take in the energy and aromas of the Cretan nature and feel the ancient connection of our land with wine, which is the gift of gods to men.”

On the hill “Orthi Petra”, at an altitude of 500 m, 3km north of Ancient Gortyna in the settlement of Plouti is where the Domaine Zacharioudakis is located. Since ancient times, this area has had a long-standing tradition in viticulture and wines, as it is proved by recent findings of ancient pressing-tanks situated on a rock next to the settlement. In the year 2000, the family Zacharioudakis, began the implementation of their vision to create an area as a tribute to the vineyard and wine, an area to mark the modern and very promising wine history of Crete.

Have a tour in our unique organic vineyards, in our modern winery establishments, taste our awarded wine , and enjoy the wonderful view from the 500 m hill of “Orthi Petra”, overlooking the Libyan sea, the valley of Mesara, the mountains of Asterousia and the mountain “Psiloritis”.

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  • Location: Heraklion Prefecture
  • Fax: +30 2892024145
  • Phone: +30 2892096226
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