Thursday, 28 February 2013 20:42
3rd Innovation Award by CIHEAM
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We are very happy to have been awarded the 3rd Innovation Proposal award by the CIHEAM "University support for research and development in industry". Dr Alexandros Roniotis was awarded for the proposal entitled "Emergence of Multilevel beaches of Crete".

The meeting was implemented as part of the project "Encouraging and Supporting Academic and Research Institutes for Research and Development (R & D) Industrial/R&D Industry, (MED 2007-13)", which is attempting through a series of actions to encourage and support the communication and collaboration among academics-research institutes and SMEs. In this project, Greece was represented by MAICh.


Within the course of the event, the awarding of prizes for Applied Research and Innovation were also conducted under this project. Original ideas were rewarded, which can benefit business recovery and contribute to the design and development of new products and services in Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Tourism and IT, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and openness of SMEs in the Region of Crete.

Specifically, the innovations that were awarded a prize are:

1st Prize -"Recovery of valuable components from olive oil waste mills and their application as food additives," Dr. Charilaos Galanakis, Chemist & Lecturer at Cyprus University of Technology (Sector: Agriculture)

2nd Prize - "ECO-Innovative Materials in the battle against pollution," Prof. George Kyriakides, Department of Natural Sciences, Director of the Transparent Conductive Oxides Group, University of Crete (Department: Environment)

3rd Prize - "Emergence of Multilevel beaches of Crete", Dr. Alexander Roniotis, Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion (Sector: Tourism)

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