The secret war shelter of the


The colorful shelter
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Crete is a place with endless diverse beauties that it has always new places to show, even to those who think that know Crete well. Some of these treasures are hidden below the surface. One of these places is a German shelter several meters below the surface of the earth that has never until now been recorded in photos. This shelter, so many years after the liberation of Crete in 1945, keeps it secrets well hidden. The area has loose grounds and the entrance to it is really dangerous. All its main gates have been blocked by colissions, making it impossible to enter. Entering the shelter can be made from another place using a rope.

In many places we need crouch to pass due to landslides. Once we set foot on the really soft -like a feather- floor we see a real miracle. This shelter, in contrast to all other known and unknown shelters in Crete, hides a unique riot of colors not met in any other tunnel or natural cave of Crete. The colors change on almost every step and the white walls turn to purple, blue, pink, dark, brown, yellow mustard and many more colors.

The reason that we keep the name and the place secret is that this tunnel is very dangerous to enter.

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