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Cavers say that Crete has some of the most
challenging and spectacular caving systems in Europe
but even first-time cavers can enjoy its underground scenery.

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Petsis Cave
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The cave of Petsis or Metaxaris is located at position Karavotopos, near Koutalis beach, in the area of the village Kokkino Horio in province Apokoronas. The cave has a very rich decor and is about 100 meters long, being one of the most important in the area (which has a large number of caves). Its interior has a lot of clay, so it's very slippery.

Apart from its magnificent beauty, the cave also has an important history as it is connected with the massacre of the inhabitants of the area in August 1821 by the Ottomans. Approximately 120 women, children and men who had found shelter here, found tragic death from the fumes caused by the Turks by putting fire at its entrance. Much later, Georgios Tzombakakis, a rebel during the German occupation and the Greek Civil War from Kokkino Chorio, was hiding in the cave for many years.

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Additional Info

  • Location: Chania Prefecture
  • Type: Horizontal Cave
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