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Platanakia Beach
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Platanakia beach is located 61km southewest of Chania, 31km south of Kissamos and 5km northwest of Kambos village. The beach is shaped in the exit of the beautiful gorge of Kambos, starting from the homonym village.

Platanakia is a small cove, protected by red cliffs that is almost always deserted. The beach is sandy at the water's edge but stoney further away. This is an ideal place for staying isolated, even in the middle of the summer. There are some trees near the beach, offering natural shade.

In order to access the beach on foot from Kambos village, you have to follow the path starting from there and crossing the amazing lush gorge for two hours. The gorge is full with plane trees and there is a river flowing almost all year round.

If you prefer offroad adventures and have the right car (4x4), you can visit the beach through a rough dirt track starting from Kambos. In the route you'll cross some fences, put up at points by goat and sheepherders. Please, keep them closed so their flock won’t escape. After some time you will reach the wonderful undiscovered setting of Platanakia. Leave your car at the last plateau you reach after the scenic cavernous chapel of Agia Kyriaki, taking the path down to the magical beach directly below. You will surely be alone!

The nice beach of Sfinari is located just behind the north rocky side of the beach and can be accessed by walking 20' north from the beach.

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Additional Info

  • Prefecture: Chania
  • Sea water color: Blue
  • Sand type: Pebbles, Rocks in places
  • Depth: Normal
  • Sea surface: Usually very wavy
  • Crowds: Quiet
  • Other Information: Nudism friendly, Ideal for snorkeling / spearfishing, Tree Shade
  • Accessibility: Dirt track, Walking
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