Klados Gorge

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Gorge Klados is one of the most dangerous and inaccessible gorges of Crete. The top (starting point) of the canyon is located at position Kokkinovari in a steep slope, 90-100 meters high, that make access impossible even with technical equipment. So, the only way to know this natural sculpture is to walk upside down from the beautiful beach Domata.

From Domata and for a quite long distance, you can ascend in the canyon. Soon the walls of the canyon get very narroe and its beauty is shocking. At some point the route is blocked by a steep fall and you have to return to the beach.

From that point only experienced climbers can explore Klados and overpass three waterfalls (70, 25 and 15 meters high).

When the snow melts in the spring, there are many landslides along the entire length of the canyon.





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