Sissi beaches

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Sissi beaches

Sissi (or Sisi) is located 26km west of Agios Nikolaos and 41km east of Heraklion, in close proximity to Malia. It is a peaceful traditional village with narrow streets and beautiful taverns. Its trademark is the harbor with the clean and calm waters.

The coastline around Sissi is mainly rocky, except a few small beaches. Moreover, the sea is usually wavy. Thus, the only beach in Sissi town, where you can swim, is located inside the harbor (Limani). It is a very small beach with calm waters, with a few umbrellas and showers. If you want to visit another nearby beach, you can head eastwards until you meet Harkoma bay with the well organized beach of Boufos. It is sandy and open to the winds. Next to the beach, you will find the small and quiet stony beach of Avlaki, formed at the exit of a narror bay. Just a few meters on the east, you’ll meet the sandy beach in front of the hotel Kalimera Kriti, called Kalimera. Spiliada is well organized, by the hotel, and has shallow waters, ideal for children. On the other side of the hotel, you’ll find the last beach in Sissi area, Spiliada. Spiliada has sand, a lot of trees and is quieter than the other beaches.

Limani beach - Sissi Panorama

Panorama of Spiliada beach

Limani beach in SissiLimani beach in Sissi

Boufos beach in SissiBoufos beach in Sissi Avlaki beach, SissiAvlaki beach, SissiKalimera beach, SissiKalimera beach, SissiSpiliada beach, Kalimera Kriti, SissiSpiliada beach, Sissi

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If you cannot see the photos, click here to see the beaches of Sissi harbor, Boufos, AvlakiKalimera and Spiliiada.

Sissi Harbor

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