Mononaftis beach

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Mononaftis is a beautiful pebbly beach, located 24km northwest of Heraklion and just 1km north of Agia Pelagia main beach. According to the tradition, a ship was sunk here once and only one sailor survived. This story gave the name Mononaftis to the beach, which means “One sailor”. However, Mononaftis is a huge rock floating just 50m off the coast.

The beach is located in the northern part of the peninsula of Agia Pelagia and is sheltered from the (common) north winds, since it looks to the East. This feature makes Mononaftis and the surrounding beaches popular to locals.

The beach has coarse sand/pebbles and the water has a characteristic greenish color. It is very well organized with umbrellas, sun beds, water sports, etc. Moreover, near the beach you will find many cafes, restaurants and many options for accommodation. The seabed is rocky, which makes it ideal for fishing and scuba diving.

To drive here from Heraklion, drive in the National Road towards Chania and ignore the first sign to Agia Pelagia. Turn right at second exit to Agia Pelagia/ Achlada and follow the road heading north, to the sea. After 2-3 km you will see a petrol station on your left hand. Before the station turn left and continue driving until you reach the set Save tlement of Mononaftis (parking is a quite big issue there). If you come from Agia Pelagia, heading to the west until you see the gas station on your right hand.

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