Agiofarago beach

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The beach of Agiofarago is located about 80km south of Heraklion city, at the exit of the homonym Gorge of Agiofarago. To get there you must either cross the gorge, by easy hiking of about 30-50’, or catch a boat from Matala, Agia Galini, or Kali Limenes. We definitely recommend the first option, as the route within the vertical walls of the gorge is breathtaking. On the way you will see the large caves were some hermits still live and the chapel of St. Anthony, with a well outside.

The beach at the exit of the gorge is stunning, with fine pebbles and clear blue waters, which are usually very calm. West of the beach a beautiful arch is formed, beneath which you can swim. Vertical cliffs surround the beach, on where you might see hermits praying. Nudism is not allowed here, like in all religious places of Crete. The beach is ideal for camping, but you must carry all your stuff in the gorge. However, you can 'gain' some weight if you do not take water with you, but collect it from the well in front of the chapel, located just 5’ away from the beach. You could also wash yourself there (without shampoo!). Next to the well there is a trough from where goats drink water. If you have time fill it with water and many goats will come to drink, thanking you! 

Agiofarago beach, Heraklion, CreteIf you have your sneakers with you, in the afternoon you should climb the cliffs on the east and reach the top. The view from  there is fantastic. If you walk southeast you will meet a hidden saltish lake, called Vourvoulitis, surrounded by vertical cliffs. It is a sinkhole communicating with the open sea by underground passages. You can approach the lake, but it’s extremely dangerous. To see exactly where it is, check out the map. You will see a dark area southeast of the beach.

Learn more about the gorge.


If you want to get there from Heraklion, you should drive the road to Sivas village and then to Odigitria Monastery. From Odigitria you should take the road heading straight (the right heads to Vathi) and drive in the dirt track heading to Kali Limenes. After 4km you have to turn right (there might still be a primitive road sign to Agiofarago) and continue till you reach no end, in a wide area for parking. Do not leave your car under the tree shade if you don't want to see it ruined by goats, that get on the car roof to eat from the tree. Then walk through the gorge for half an hour until you reach the sea. On the way to the beach, you'll meet the small church of Saint Anthony and  the caves.

If you come by boat, you can visit the rocky islet just opposite Agiofarago, that is called Papadoplaka. There are huge holes with clear sea salt, that is gathered by locals.

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The beach

Vourvoulitis Salt Lake

The gorge

If you cannot see the photos, click here to see the beach, the salt lake and the gorge of Agiofarago


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