Menies beach - Diktynna

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Menies or Diktynna is located 45km northwest of Chania, on the northeastern shores of Cape Rodopos and at the exit of Foundas Gorge. It is a lovely secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal blue waters. It is not affected by the usual winds blowing in the area and is ideal for isolation, far away from urban centers. For many kilometers there are absolutely no facilities, so make sure you have all essentials with you.

Access to the beach of Menies is a bit tedious, as you have to drive in a bad dirt track (23km long) from Rodopos village. This road leads very close to the beach, but is not recommended for low cars. Moreover, there are some small boats running to Menies from Platanias harbor, which run also to several other nearby beaches.

Menies is located on the site of ancient Diktynna. Diktynna was the most important temple of the goddess Vritomartis, which is believed to be goddess Artemis. Thousands worshippers used to come in the area from all over the island. Vritomartis was worshiped here during the Hellenistic and Roman times. There are still a few remains of the ancient Roman temple, but remains of the Hellenistic temple have not been found.

Also, about 1km southwest of the coast, you can visit the very old monastery of St. George. It was built in the 9th century but it was abandoned several centuries later, because of the raids of pirates. You can still see the fortified tower of the 16th century in the courtyard of the monastery, used for warning of the arrival of enemy or pirate ships.

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