Damialis beach

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The beach of Damialis  is located 1.5km north of Kissamos town and 37km west of Chania. It is situated just off the main road linking Kissamos with Platanos, thus access is very easy.

It is a small magnificent cove with clean deep waters, pretty rocks and small pebbles, well-protected from blowing winds. On the beach there are no facilities, but some tamarisk trees offer their shade to the visitors. There is also a springboard on the rocks.

The beach gets its name from the nearby scenic church of St. John Damialis, which is built inside a cave. A short path starts from there, crosses the road through a tunnel and leads to the nice beach.

Just 200m south of Damialis you'll find the 3-4 small coves of Delfini (i.e. Dolphin), named after a local hotel. The beaches are very quiet, however streams sometimes carry rubbish on the beach.


Delfini Coves

Damialis, Kisamos, CreteDamialisDelfini coves, Kisamos, CreteDelfini covesDelfini Coves, Kisamos, CreteDelfini Coves

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If you cannot see the photos, click here for Damialis or Delfini.


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